Introduction: Super Dooper Scooper Funnel

I'm so well organised, that when I need something I can never find it. In this case, it was a garden trowel to get some compost out of a bag and in to a flower pot without most of it ending up on the floor. Fortunately, I can usually find something else I'm not originally looking for. In this case it was an empty bleach bottle. Also fortunately, my scissors weren't lost.

So, what you need to make the ultimate bleach bottle multi-tool upcycle is a pair of scissors and an empty bleach bottle, the kind with a built in handle. The top colour doesn't matter, you can always paint it later if you want a different colour. I was fine with this one as it matched my eyes.


One bleach bottle (empty)

One pair of scissors

Step 1: Plan Your Cut

This is obviously a highly technical build so it is important to make sure that all cuts are accurate and well planned. The above picture shows the route of the cut. I prefer my handle on top in the conventional position but feel free to position it somewhere else if you prefer to side or bottom hold your bleach bottle multi-tool if you want to scoop off-piste.

Once you've decided where the cut is going to go, the difficult bit begins. Using the scissors cut around the bottle to create your preferred scoop shape. I used a double cut technique involving making a first cut and then deciding where I really meant the scissors to go by doing a second cut.

Step 2: The Final Cut

Once you are happy with the cut, you can then get on to the final stage, practice scooping.

Step 3: Practice Scooping

The photos show how to hold the multi-tool in super scooper mode. This demonstrates the conventional top grip technique I use. It's important to get a feel for the balance and dynamics before using it in earnest. After all, this is a dangerous non-power tool and although rare, there is the potential to have a fatal accident through misuse. This is why I would always recommend using the top grip in use and leaving the side grip and underhand overhead grip to experienced professionals, garden ninjas or those with a death wish.

You will also notice I am not using gloves. In training, with an unloaded scoop this is fine but during serious use always wear appropriate protective equipment and, just as important, know how to use it.

Step 4: I Believe You Said It Was a Multi-tool?

I never lie, despite not always telling the truth. There are times when you need more than just a scoop. So, remove the top et voila- tool number two! This super funnel works best when in a vertical position with the small bit pointing down but feel free to experiment with other positions.

Just remember to replace the top before re-using it as a scoop or else expect to get a load of compost down your sleeves. If that happens if you are using is as a doggie pooper scooper I suspect you will then learn by experience the benefit of making sure the lid is on.

I think it may also be used in an emergency as a she-wee but I'm yet to find a suitable volunteer to test that out. Should you actually make one for this purpose and use it, I'd be grateful to know if it works. If you could also add a line or two explaining what the heck you were thinking of, listening to me? In this case it might also be better to use a slightly smaller bottle unless you have exceptionally bow legs, a really bad aim or a much higher than average flow rate.

Now, where did I leave my chainsaw?

Step 5: Plagiarism Alert!

Having just done a search for my unique project, I came across someone who has obviously plagiarised my unique idea!

And it would appear they plagiarised it about 10 years before I even published mine! In my defence, I would say that mine is vastly different. Although Graham56's version is both a scoop and a watering can it clearly isn't being used a funnel. So, is mine an improvement? And mine is yellow, Graham59's is white. I'm beginning to think I'm digging a big hole with my scoop and it's obviously not working, so it looks like I'll have to be humble and bow down to the true original bleach bottle modification master and inventor, Graham59. The floor is yours!

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