Introduction: Super Easy Aquaponic System

Step 1: Materials

5 gallon fishtank. 1 air stone and aerator. Some stones 1 square juice container and two. Rock wool

Step 2:

Cut the juice container in half then cut out the spout of the container and the cut the rest to fit the rim of the tank

Step 3:

Cut two square holes in the container half and insert your Rock wool the wool should be snug

Step 4:

Add your rocks to the bottom of the fish tank and fill the tank. Place the air stone in the tank position it so the bubbles will hit the roots of your plants in the tray above

Step 5:

Let the water come to room temperature add your fish and plant and your ready to grow your own food .

Step 6:

The best fish for this would be gold fish since they are very hardy and produce a lot of waste/ plant food

Step 7:

I am entered in the hydroponic and indoor planter contest i would greatly appreciate a vote this is my first instructable and my first contest entry

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