Introduction: Super Easy DIY Rainbow Necklace

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Namaste Makers :),

Rainbows are fun for all ages. Isn't it ? Every one had dreamt of owing rainbows sometime in their lives. Thanks to crafters (hint hint ;)) who are never fed up of making rainbow inspired crafts and are continuously making colorful stuff. And because of that we can eat rainbows, drink them, wear them or what not.

Last year I found some colorful buttons from a craft store and came up with these rainbow inspired earrings . Since then I wanted to make a necklace using these buttons but ran short of come cool ideas until today.

So in this instructable I will show you how to make Super Easy DIY Rainbow Button Necklace.

As always , the keyword is easy :)

Lets grab some buttons fellas .

Step 1: Stuff Required

You would need just a few items to make this super easy DIY rainbow button necklace:

  1. Lots of colorful buttons (The picture shows some bigger buttons too but I used only the regular sizes for uniformity).
  2. Lots of black seed beads.
  3. Some thin jewelry wire (I would suggest stainless steel wire because its strong. I used insulated copper because I already had one).
  4. Some jewelry chain or hook (You can use either of them depending on the length of necklace you want to keep)
  5. Round nose plier or some round object like pencil.
  6. Wire cutter

NOTE: The thickness of jewelry wire should be such that it can pass through button hole and seed beads. I would suggest to make sure before purchasing any of these three items.

Step 2: Sorting the Buttons

Before you jump to making the necklace, I strongly suggest you to sort the buttons according to their colors. Even better line them up in the order you may need.

NOTE: Ignore the bigger buttons in the picture.

All set? Lets make some rainbow inspired necklace.

Step 3: Beading the Buttons

Before you start beading the buttons into wire, a few things to remember:

  1. The order of color is totally up to you. Honestly this is not VIBGYOR rainbow but more like a color spectrum or color pallet. Make your choice here.
  2. I grouped 4 buttons, you may group more but not less then four.
  3. I did not have an even count of buttons of all the colors so I added button of next color to complete the group of four. And that actually made the pattern look very interesting so I intentionally extended one button of previous color in the next group. For example I added 4 reds, then 4 reds and then 1 red & 3 pink. You got it... right? Play with it :)

All right...theory is over, lets practice.

See images above and follow:

  1. Grab the wire, keep it open ended so that you can decide on length later on.
  2. Bead four black buttons.
  3. Bead 4 seed beads.
  4. Bead 4 dark blue (or whatever color you decide) buttons.
  5. Bead 4 seed beads.
  6. Repeat #3 - #5 till you complete the spectrum or rainbow.
  7. Bead 4 black buttons t complete the beading.

This might have put some stress on your eyes so relax for few minutes and then jump to next step :)

Step 4: Making the Rainbow Necklace Wearable

See images above and follow :)

  1. Using the round nose plier make a loop in the opening end of the wire. If you don't have round nose plier , you can use any round object like pencil.
  2. Wrap the remaining wire to secure the loop. See picture above.
  3. Cut extra wire using wire cutter.
  4. Repeat #1 - #3 for the other end. Don't keep the loop so close to buttons, leave at least space of two buttons.
  5. Now you can either attach a chain to these loops or a hook or both. I attached the chain using the jump rings provided with chains :)

Told ya, it would be easy :).

This necklace is an excellent gift for those who love rainbows. It is a fun craft for kids with some adult supervision.

Thank you for your time to read this ible. I hope you have enjoyed it as much as I did while making it. Please do share your thoughts, feedback and suggestions in the comments below.
If you choose to make any of these, please use the "I made it" button to post a picture.

Hope you will like it and Vote it.

You are awesome.

Stay Tuned.

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