Introduction: Super Easy Quick Freezer Cookies

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These cookies are really quick and easy to make. Just mix a batch, freeze, then cut off a cookie and bake when needed!


150g / 2 cups caster sugar
250g butter
1 egg

300g / 2.5 cups plain flour
2 tsp vanilla extract

240g / 2 cups plain flour
60g / 0.5 cup cocoa powder

Step 1: Mix Sugar and Butter

Mix the sugar and softened butter together until creamy. This can be done in a mixer, or if you're low tech - use the back of a fork!

Step 2: Add an Egg

Add the egg, and beat into the mixture.

Step 3: Add Flour and Flavouring

Add the vanilla extract and sieve in the flour.

Sieve in the cocoa powder and flour.

Step 4: Mix Together to Form a Dough

Once the mixture sticks together to form a dough texture, form into a sausage shape, and put into clingfilm. Roll the sausage smooth, and freeze.

If you can't decide on flavour - get creative and combine vanilla and chocolate doughs!

TIP: experiment with the size / thickness of your cookies by adjusting the thickness you roll the "sausage" and the size you cut your cookies "discs".

Step 5: Cut and Bake

Fancy a fresh cookie?

Simply take the frozen cookie "sausage" from the freezer, chop the desired number of cookie "discs".

Put your cookies on a tray in the oven for approx 20 minutes, 160 °C / 325 °F / gas mark 3. (This time will vary depending on the size / thickness of your cookies!)


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