Introduction: Super Easy Salad Roses

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You (yes you!) can turn almost any vegetable into a decorative rose, suited for any salad at any occasion.

It's done in just minutes, using 3 simple steps.

Here's how...

Step 1: Cut Slices

To make these roses, you'll need your desired vegetable. Most vegetables will work, as long are somewhat stiff inside (Eg, not avocado or banana).

I'll show three examples using:

  • Zucchini, or courguette.
  • Cucumber
  • Daikon, also known as "Chinese white radish" or "winter radish"

You'll also need a large Onion (Red ones works just as well, so use whatever you prefer!)

Use a knife and cutting board to cut your vegetable into thin slices. The slices should be about 1/16-2/16th inches thick (1-3mm). Keep the thickness as consistent as possible, for a prettier result.

It takes about 15-20 slices for each rose.

While you're at it, also cut your onion in half, peel it, and then cut a thick slice just a but bigger than 1/3 inch (or just below 1cm). You can also cut it thinner, but then it may not be strong enough to hold the rose later. Pop out the outermost rings. Their size will determine the outer circumference of your roses.

Step 2: Assemble Your Rose

Now comes the transformation from slices to a rose.

  1. Take one slice, and curl it into a tube, slightly conical. Hold this between your fingers as shown. This will be the center leaf of your rose.
  2. Take another slice, and fold it around the center, so that it covers the seam.
  3. Add another slice/leaf to the rose so that each it covers as much gap between the previous leaf tips as possible.
  4. Repeat step 3 until you are satisfied with the looks.Try to add each subsequent leaf the opposite side of the leaf you just added.

If you are anything like me this will be difficult the first time, and the result will look sad. Have patience, with a little bit of practice you will quickly get the hang of it. (Everything shown in the pictures is literally my second attempt ever at this method. If this here gorilla can do it, you can too!)

Once you're satisfied with the look/size or you cant hold it any more, continue to the last step...

Step 3: Put a Ring on It!

Once the rose it big enough, slide an onion ring onto it - And you're done!

Do final touch-ups if:

  • Rose is not a tight fit in the onion ring, try sliding a few extra slices in between the rose and onion.
  • Rose looks boring, hold it by the onion to spread the leaves outwards a bit
  • Onion slides off the rose, hold it in place by cutting a flap of one or more of the outer slices below the onion, acting as a barb, preventing the onion from sliding.

Good luck to you who tries this, and Enjoy!

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