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Introduction: Super Mario Bros. Paper Question Mark Block

This is a paper version of TechNerd1012's "Super Mario Bros. Question Block." I made this Instructable for the simple reason that I had no balsa wood and wanted to make a question mark block. I thought deep in the memory banks for a way to make it out of paper. After 5 minutes or so in MS Paint, I created a net that can be folded and taped into a cube. This Instructable will teach you how to tape the cube on the inside and the outside, but the pictures only show how to tape it on the outside. This Instructable is being posted with permission from the author of the original. Also, scissors can be kind of dangerous, so don't be stupid and cut yourself. And with that, on to the Intsructable!

*Here's a link to the original; the really really cool project that this Instructable was based on*
**And here's the eBay listing **

***This is also an entry in the Pocket Sized contest, so please don't forget to vote!***

Step 1: Parts List

You will need:
- Scissors
- Scotch Tape
- A Printer
- Paper to Print With

Step 2: Print the Net and Cut It Out

Print the net (first picture) by right clicking it, saving it, opening it in MS Paint, then printing it. Next, use the scissors to cut it out (cut out JUST the outline, don't cut through it.)

Step 3: Fold and Tape

Just basically fold into a cube and tape. You could tape it from the inside, but I'm lazy at the moment and don't feel like it. When you finish taping the whole thing into a cube, there will be a little piece hanging over. just cut that off so the side is flush and tape the corner. Sorry that this was not fixed, it just would have been a waste of time and paper to get the net exactly right.

**The last two pictures are the cube taped from the inside, only because i had a few minutes. To do this, just put tape on the inside of one side, bend the tape back, bring the other side over next to it, and let go of the tape. this gets a little tricky towards the end, though.**

Step 4: Done!

Now you're done! Congratulations!

*This is obviously the "taped-on-the-outside" version. For a picture of the completed "taped-on-the-inside" version, see the last two photos of step 3.*

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    Kanein Encanto

    Why no tabs to glue? o.0 Take a look at the ones on papercraft and how they set the tabs up so you can use glue instead of tape on the outside of the box...

    And just for your Mario 'lovin pleasure, also found the Super Mario World block set there too...

    Might be more there along those lines, but I just did a quick check.


    Reply 12 years ago on Introduction

    Heres a picture of the cube taped from the inside (but my comp made the net smaller so the cube is way smaller but whatever...)