Introduction: Super Simple Gopro Camera Mount Conversion

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I love my Gopro camera, but that mount always gets me. I mean, the 1/4 inch nut has been the industry standard for I don't know how long, and this startup company with big ideas just decides to change up the whole thing? Well, points for ingenuity.

Anywhoo, in this instructable I am going to show you how to take just two (read that, two! as in 2, or dos, or, well, nevermind.) pieces of junk, you probably have millions of and turn them into a fully functioning gopro mount that fits onto a standard camera tripod mount.

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Step 1: See What I Mean?

This is what I mean, there is NO WAY that Gopro mount on the right is going to fit on the tripod on the left. Oi, don't get me started.

(Also, notice that my pictures are shot with my Gopro. How clever of me.)

Step 2: Stuff You'll Need

1) A hex nut that fits on your tripod mount. Again, 1/4 inch is standard.

2) A flat, thin piece of wood. I just used the thick end of a shim we had used for stirring paint.

3) A drill. Well, to drill with!

4) A drill bit just slightly smaller than the width of the hex nut. (Think about this, so we need a bit slightly smaller than a 1/4 inch hex nut. Hmmm, just sayin', this isn't real hard, people!)

5) Your Gopro camera mount. Every Gopro camera comes standard with two sticky-bottom mounts, a curved one and a flat one. We'll be using the flat one.

6) A hammer. (NOT for your annoying younger brother!)

Step 3: Hammer Time!

Ok, this isn't difficult at all.

First, drill a hole in your peice of wood.

Second, (unless you've got real strong fingers) use your hammer to slam that hex nut into that hole real tight!

Last, peel the protective layer of plastic off your Gorpo mount and stick it onto your new mount.

Step 4: Done!

Now your done!

Go use it for the greater good of all mankind! Or just take another cat video, that's fine too.

Check back periodically for more stuff. I've got plenty of other cool projects up my sleeve, just not the time to post them. Must. Get. A. Life.

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Step 5:

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