Introduction: Lego Minifig Cyborg

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I think I've said it before, but I LOVE LEGO!

I mean, my name is "Fred The Minifig!" So, I kinda have this thing for minifigs......ok, borderline obsession, but that's normal for nerds, right?

Well, in this instructable I'm gonna show you how to make a simple -but really cool- miniborg I created out of some spare parts I had lying (or is it laying?) around.

This instructable is for the "feet" competition. 'Cause, well, minifig legs/feet are kind of stiff. And this 'borg has some seriously awesome feet!

I've also entered this instructable in the "remixed 2.0" competition. Here's where I got my inspiration!

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Step 1: Parts List

Top right in the picture are the leg parts.

Bottom left is minifig torso parts.

Bottom right is the shoulder assembly parts.

If you don't have all these parts you might not be able to build this, just saying. Or, you could fufill your little lego bricks purpose, get creative and build a better version! If you do, tell me about it in the comments. I'd love to see it!

Step 2: Torso Construction

Alright, pretty simple. Just put the torso parts from the parts list picture together like this picture.

Step 3: Shoulder Assembly

Same as the torso, take the shoulder parts and build this.

(See, not that hard!)

Step 4: Put the Shoulders and Torso Together

Umm, well, put the shoulders and torso together.

Step 5: To Move, Add Legs

Alright, last assembly. You've probably got this by now. (If you don't, well.....)

Just take the leg parts and put them together like this picture. I left one leg unassembled to show you where all the parts go.

Attach the legs to the bottom of the torso. Done!

Step 6: Now Your Done!

Your miniborg should look something like this picture. If it doesn't then you did something wrong. Smash your 'borg and go back to step one and start over.

More stuff coming y'all! Check back often.

If you built something cool, post it in my comments. I love looking at other peoples awesome creations!

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