Introduction: Super Slimy Fizzing Foaming Popping Party Punch!

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Parties are meant to be a time when you have way too much food, way too much sugar, and way too much fun! This recipe is guaranteed to combine at least two of those key party components, sugar and fun...and adds in the unexpected twist of being extra slimy and totally edible!

If you have kids that are into slime...this is the recipe for you!

The hardest part of this recipe is going to be gathering a few of our key ingredients as some may need to be sourced online, but once you get everything in one place, the recipe itself is ridiculously easy.

Step 1: Gather Your Ingredients

To make our super slimy fun and fizzy popping party punch you will need:

  • 1 package Lime Jello (3 oz size)
  • 1 envelope Lime Kool-Aid (.13 oz size)
  • 1 Cup powdered sugar
  • 2 Tablespoons sodium alginate (I got mine online at
  • 2 Tablespoons Xanthan Gum (health food stores often carry this but if!)
  • 1/2 teaspoon baking soda
  • 1/2 teaspoon citric acid (another purchase)
  • 1 envelope Pop Rocks in any flavor
  • Lime flavored soda (I used Sprite)

Step 2: Mix It All Up

In a large bowl, mix together all your dry ingredients until well combined.

And that's it.

No, really. That's it.

I store my mixed slime powder in my favorite skull jar. It makes quite the impression when I bring it out every Halloween for my niece and all the neighborhood kids. I like to tell them it's made from frogs.

Step 3: Bringing the Slime to Life

Of course, while mixing up the powder for our slime punch was fun...we all know the real magic comes from turning it from a white powder into an oozing, foaming, popping green slime!

Scoop up about a tablespoon to a tablespoon and a half (depending on how thick you want your punch to be) of your white punch powder into a large glass. Gently pour in about 1/4 cup of lime soda and mix well to dissolve all the powder at the bottom of the glass.

Your mixture will immediately turn bright green, foam up and get really thick, hissing and popping as it expands, but don't worry...just keep stirring until you have all the powder that's at the bottom of the glass mixed in.

Add in more lime soda until your glass is completely full...but be careful! If you pour too fast, you'll foam over the edge of your glass and make a huge sticky foamy mess.

Let the mixture settle for just about 10 minutes (if you can wait that long!) to achieve maximum slimyness.

If you can't wait, don't worry! The foam is absolutely delicious and you'll still get a serious slug of oopy goopy goo.

Step 4:

If you decide to wait the ten minutes, the combination of the gelatin with the sodium alginate and xanthan gum will create a thick clear sludge at the bottom of your glass, perfect for sipping through a straw!

For thicker slime and foam, add more powder. For thinner slime and foam, add more lime soda. And just because we made ours lime flavored doesn't mean yours has to be! Simply mix and match your favorite flavors of Kool-Aid and Jell-o with your favorite soda for a totally customized foaming slimy experience! For the adults in the party, feel free to add in the adult beverage of your choice, but be aware that you get the best foam and flavor with carbonated drinks.

Step 5: Super Slimy Fizzing Foaming Party Popping Punch in Action!

Here's a video of what it looks like when it turns to foam!

Step 6:

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