Introduction: Super Speedy Screen Taper!

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This is a super fast, easy and simple instructable that shows you how to make a device that can rapidly tap most touch screens. The SSST (Super Speedy Screen Tapper) tapes a screen about ten times a second and only takes about ten minutes to make. Now I personally made this device for a social media app called In this app there is a way you can watch live streams of other "musers" and thus, to show your support, give them hearts by tapping the screen which you can see if you watch the video above. Now I have discovered this device only seems to work on newer devices as they can sense the vibration as taps instead of one continual touch so if you have a device thats old it may not work. Anyway I hope you enjoy this instructable and find it helpful!

What You Will Need:


1.Cardboard: The best kind is from cardboard boxes and you only need a small amount.

2. Tin foil: You don't need to much of this either

3. A weighted motor: You can find these in just about anything that vibrates and I got mine out of a back massager

4. A battery holder: obviously if you use a AA you need a AA battery holder and if you use a AAA you need a AAA battery holder (but you can make a AAA work in a AA battery holder)

5. a battery: either a AA or AAA and i would recommend a rechargeable battery


1. Scissors

2. Hot glue/hot glue gun

Step 1: Step 1

the first thing you need to do is take your piece of cardboard, arrange your pieces on it and draw and outline. Now cut that out and your done with step one!

Step 2: Step 2

Next hot glue your battery holder and motor on. Then strip and connect the motor wires with the battery holder wires. If you don't know how to strip wire with scissors then click the link below.

Also hot glue a little circle of card board at the tip of the S.S.S.T.

Step 3: Step 3

Lastly place your tapper on a sheet of tin foil and bend the foil over the ends. hot glue the foil in place and cut around the cardboard and just like that your done! I hope you find this device useful and don't forget to comment!

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