Introduction: Lego Technic Phone Case!

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Alright guys, today your going to learn how to make this awesome lego phone case! This case can only be made for the iPhone 5 so all you Android fans, sorry, you're out of luck. I'll move fast for all you impatient people: D. so let me start this off by listing some good old Pros and Cons:

Con's: This phone case has a few problems. First, it impairs certain uses of your phone. Both cameras are unusable, and all the buttons on the side of the phone are difficult to reach. However, the charging port and home button are both fine. The other thing is it's bulky and can often snag on your pocket as your pulling it out.

Pro's: The good things about this phone case is it looks totally awesome! It should offer good protection for your phone. I haven't done any drop tests but it covers every corner as well as the front and back of the phone so I have some good reasons to trust it.

If you feel the Con's outweigh the Pro's then don't make this case, it's as simple as that. This case certainly isn't perfect but its good enough for me and I hope for you too! If so, then let's get started!

also if you want to see a presentation of how to make the case instead of the steps follow this link!

Step 1: What You Need:

The photo above contains everything you will need to create this awesome case including an Iphone 5.

Step 2: Create the Frame

1. Take two Beam 3 with Right Screen Panel And two Beam 3 with left Screen Panel and fill each with three pegs so they extend inward.

2. Next, connect a Beam 3 with Right Screen Panel and a Beam 3 with left Screen Panel with a 13 length beam, so that one peg remains untouched on each end. Do this twice.

3. Then, attach to the remaining pegs the two 7 length beams

Step 3: Step 2:

1. Take two Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular Double bricks and place two pegs in each.

Next, take a four-length axle and stick it 3/4ths of the way through the Axle part of the Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular Double brick.

2. Then, take two 2x4 beams with a 90-degree angle and slide them side by side onto the axle. Make sure the right angle is facing toward the pegs in the Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular Double brick.

3. Next, push the axle the rest of the way threw so it connects both Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular Double bricks

4. lastly attach the clasp to one end of the phone case (it doesn't matter which)

Step 4: Creating the Seccond Clasp

1. Take two Axle and Pin Connector Perpendicular bricks and insert a two-length axle and a peg into each.

2. Next, attach two 2x4 beams with a 90-degree angle to the two length axles, one 2x4 beam with a 90-degree angle for each axle. Make sure the right angle is facing inward.

3. Then attach the clasp to the frame so there is one unoccupied hole in the 7 length beam between each Pin Connector Perpendicular brick and one unoccupied hole one either side of the Pin Connector Perpendicular brick.

4. Lastly flip the creation upside down.

Step 5: Create the Backing

1. Put two pegs in a 15 length beam, one on each end so that both extend skyward. (you can skip too step 4 and your phone case should work, learn how to put your phone in the last step of this instructable. steps two and three are for decoration)

2.Then, on either side of that beam, slide a stick (#44813). And place a peg in each Stick so the two pegs you just placed are only 1 distance apart.

3.Attach these two pegs together with a 3 length beam.

4.Attach the backing to the phone case via the two end pegs in the 15 length beam

Step 6: Putting Your Phone In

Ok, guys, this is super simple. Just place your phone so its within clasp 2 and over clasp on. Then bend clasp one back and push your phone in! hope you enjoy this phone case as much as I do and stay tuned for more Instructables!

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