Introduction: Super Strong Skewer Gun

Today I am going to show you how to make a very dangerous skewer gun. You can get it to shoot over 100 feet!

Please do not blame me if you or a friend gets hurt. Never point at face or body.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

1. A cheap Bic pen gun
2. Two #64 rubber bands
3. Some skewers
4. some hot glue

Step 2: Taking the Pen Apart

Now take off the top and the bottom of the pen, you can throgh the ink and stuff away. Drill a hole in the very center of the pen a little bigger than a skewer.

Step 3: Putting the Gun Together

Now use some hot glue and glu the two rubber bands on either side of the hole. and put some more glue on the very end of the rubber bands where the skewer will go.

Step 4: Firing

Now place a skewer through the hole. Pull back and fire.

This is my first instructable so take it easy.

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