Introduction: Super-Teeny-Tiny-Very-Very Small Composition Books

Ye gadzooks, these are sooooo small! I had this really random idea one night when I found some old index cards underneath my bed among all the dust and cobwebs and who knows what else. So, I started making a bunch of super tiny composition books and now I'm gonna show you how!! :D

I wrote a bunch of notes in these and gave them to my friends for the end of the year, so they could remember my odd randomness until next fall. I also kept one for myself and reserved a space for each of my closest friends to sign, so I could remember their strange oddness until next year!

ps: Thanks to my 3rd grade teacher, Mrs. Allen, for teaching me this book folding technique!
pps: The original tutorial is on my blog,, here!

Here we go! HUZZAH!!!!

Step 1: Stuff You Need

Before we make any awesome mini composition books, we need stuff! But not a lot.....

All You Need is...

index cards!
sticky notes!
and a pencil for writing!

Wow, is that it?! Yup! I feel like yellling "You're killing me, Larry!!!" right now!

Step 2: Folding the Index Cards!

Fold the index card in half....

half again...

and again....

now you have eight sections!

Step 3: Magic Magic Magic!!

Unfold the card twice, so you see four sections.

On the edge that is folded, cut until the middle section where all four folds meet. (You're probably gonna want to look at the picture for this one).

Now, open the entire thing up!!!!! There should be a cut in the two middle sections. Fold on that cut... like the picture...

Okay, this part is the magic, but it's really really really scaryscary to describe. Despite this, I'll try my bestest! But if you don't understand it, look at the pictures.

-on the two outside sections, push in so the cut turns into a diamond shape
-now using a little motion, squish it all together to make it all sort of an X shape
-fold in half
-yaaay, now you're done!!!!! :D :D :D but wait.... you need binding! 8-O Let's check the next step!

Step 4: Time For... Sticky Note Binding!

Yay! You're composition book is seemingly finished! But what about that spine...? It'll get all worn out without a binding. We should totally add one.

Since we're not using glue, just cut off the sticky part of the sticky note.

Open the book and lay it down, so the cover and back are next to each other. Stick down the sticky note.

And just cut off the extra!

Step 5: Oooh, Now You've Got You're Very Own Super-Teeny-Tiny-Very-Very-Small Composition Books!

Ta-Da!!! HUZZAH!!! Yee Haw!!!! You are done! Time to HAPPY DANCE!!!!!!


*make a cover using the rest of the sticky note!
*add stickers to the cover!
*if you don't own any sticky notes, no binding looks fabulous too!
*create a whole library of these!!!!

:D I hope you enjoyed my very first Instructable!

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