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Introduction: Super Easy Natural Fertilizer

No, I don't mean dung :-). I mean the tea leftovers. When you make tea, don't throw away those leaves/leaf parts on the bottom of your cup. Use them to help your plants grow (You can also use the tea itself-I will tell you how in a moment). Its also green because you use thing otherwise considered as trash.

Step 1: Tea Leaves Keep the Moisture

Before putting the dirt in the flowerpot put some tea bags/tea leaves inside. They will keep the moisture inside and give nutrients to the plant.

Step 2: Water Your Ferns With Tea

From time to time water your ferns with black tea (no sugar). It will make them grow faster and will give them a beautiful dark green color.

Step 3: Coffee and Tea Leaves for Roses

Tea contains things good for roses. Just put used tea leaves or tea bags around rose bushes. When you water the roses the minerals wil go into the dirt and rase will be able to use them. For roses and other acid liking plants you can also use coffe dregs.

Step 4: Tea Makes Your Compost Better

Just put few cups of black tea inside the composting container. The acid inside the tea will make composting faster and raise the quality of the outcome.

Thanks for reading my instructable. I hope it will help you with gardening. And don't forget to vote for me in green design and gardening conteats!

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