Introduction: Natural Remiedies (herbs and Spices)

Using medicines all the time (if they are not nessesary) may harm you, because they make your immune system weaker. A better alternative is using natural things that  don't get rid of diseases but boost your immunity so you can deal with medical conditions by youself. I will share some of my knowledge about such things in this indstructable. 

If you get ill, go to a doctor. This can HELP to prevent/heal some diseases but when you are ill the doctor's knowledge will be a better bet than herbs and spices. If you don't listen it's on your own responsibility and not mine.

(photos are from Shutterstock, for there is no need to make my own, and anyway my herbs are mostly dead by now, so they wouldn't look good.)

Step 1: Cinnamon, Cloves, Basil, Bay Leaf, Ginger and Rosemar

Helps to prevent diabetes )lowers amount of sugar in blood by 25% for at least 2 hours)
Lowers the cholesterol and amount of sugar in blood. They also reduce high blood pressure and help with digestive system problems. And they are anti-toxic.
Bay leaf
Anti-diabetes. Helps to regenerate muscle tissue and helps to regenerata after training.
This is an amazing one. It improves immunity. Eases asthma problems. Healps with sleep disorders. Anti-toxic, antibiotic, anti-pain, anti-hangover, anti-motion/seasicknes, anti-cold. Adds energy, improves concentration and working of nervous system. Warms you up. Improves blood circulation and lowers cholesterol.
Anti-toxic, anti-headache, anti-rheumatism. Improves memory and strenghtens overall health.

Step 2: Garlic, Paprika, Pepper and Oregano

It is a strong antibiotic and helps to prevent breast and intestine cancer. It keeps these properties even after being boiled/baken. (And of course it's an excellent way to fight vampires :-)
Contains vitamin C. It also helps lose some weight (speeds up metabolism and fat loss).It also helps withdigestion.
Lowers blood pressure. Good for digestive system. Strenghtens good effects of other spices, herbs and antibiotics.
Helps to prevent cancer. Anti-fungi, anti-bacteria, anti-parasite. Relaxes. Helps to prevent cold. Helps with sleeping disorders.

Step 3: Honey, Green Tea, Conifers, Mint and Turmeric

Antibiotic. Fun fact: Honey found in pharaohs' tombs is still edible.
Green Tea
Good for your heart. Helps to prevent cancer and caries
Anti-toxic and antibiotic. They make oils which evaporate into air so simply being in woods improves your health.

Helps to prevent and heal problems with digestive sytem (mint tea). Relaxes.Anti-virus, anti-toxic, anti-stress and anti-pain.
Helps to prevent Alzheimer and cancers. Fastens healing wounds. Cleans blood. Helps healing digestive system problrms.
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