Introduction: Super Simple and Cheap Arduino Bumper Robot Using 28BYJ-48 Steppers

In this video I will show you how to build your first arduino robot, or any in the order ofcourse, but if you havent made a robot before then THIS robot is a great place to start, it is really simple to understand codewise (only 3K large sketch) and really simple and cheap to build on the hardware side. All the electronic parts can be bought on ebay for less than 10$ and the construction of the platform can be made with easy to get hold of tools and materials at a really low price (two match sticks and a piece of board (most kinds will work)... The 28BYJ-48 code has been taken from this tutorial by Muhannad Rawashdeh The code has then been altered for the robotic bumping functionality.

I really hope this will be a great first step into robotics with Arduino for you. It has loads of tinkering/tweaking/mashable potential and hopefully I will get some more instructions out on extras for this little robot. Please let me know if you make one and put a picture of it in the comments! :)

Thanks for watching!

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