Introduction: Super-sized Pencil 3D

If you're looking to create a huge pencil that's ready to be 3D printed, look no further!


Autodesk Inventor

Step 1: 2D Sketch

Create a 2D sketch of a hexagon and a circle that are centered at the same point. The edge of the circle should touch the six edges of the hexagon.

Step 2: Extrustion #1

Extrude the circle 1.5 inches backwards

Step 3: Extrusion #2

Extrude the hexagon forward by 25 inches

Step 4: Chamfers for the Hexagon

Create 6 Chamfers along the 6 edges of the front of the hexagon. The chamfers should be the second style on the left and should be at an 80-degree angle and at a distance of 0.25 inches. This will create the tip of the pencil.

Step 5: Extrusion #3 & Color

Extrude the very front of the pencil by 0.1 inches to create the lead part of the pencil. Make sure to add color the stem and the tip of the pencil so that it looks much more realistic.

Step 6: Check

If you did the previous step correctly, this is what the tip of your pencil should look like.

Step 7: Bask in the Glory of Your Creation!

You're all done! Great job! Make sure to save the file before you quit Inventor. Feel free to 3D print this whenever you want!