Introduction: Super Wok From Shop Stool

long before there was Turkey Fryers or portable propane burners I had a idea for stir frying at parties or concert tailgating, with a few found items this can be built quickly and really has a bunch of uses  

Step 1: Construction

Materials List :

Turkey Fryer from home depot or discount store - take apart burner portion and unbolt 


1) Shop stool or any metal stool with foot ring - can be a office or lab chair
2) propane burner element -this can be found at Asian markets and / or grill supply or Amazon 
3) old grill parts - regulator and hose to connect to propane tank 
4) gas valve - propane supply house 
5) angle iron scraps
6) milk crate
7) brass or copper flashing along with self tap screws 
8) 24 inch Wok - this also can be found cheap at Markets - look for heavy steel unseasoned no non stick  


Step 1
chop off the legs of a shop stool so the foot ring is flush, then flip over and bolt to a old Milk crate to get a good cooking height
step 2
mount 8 inch burner about 6 inches below foot ring, this will allow enough air to create a nice even heat pattern - use angle iron scraps and u clamps as needed for a secure hold, in my case this was a vintage natural gas burner from a water heater circa 1930's
step 3 
using old gas grill parts  cut hose after regulator and because at this point the gas is low pressure use gas line hose from home depot or Loews joined with copper pipe and hose clamps as needed to get up to burner

Mount on/off valve where its convenient and depending on style may be knob or swing valve type

lastly to keep flame from blowing out in windy conditions wrap a 12 inch piece of roof flashing around 3/4 of ring using self tapping screws ( the type that have mini drill bit tip) clean sharp eges

once ready to fly next is to adjust flame and if not blue enough try adjusting window draft plate near gas connection to get it right  

Step 3: Final Test With Real Food

first of all season the WOK with olive oil and heat her up till smoking but be careful an  swish oil around until dark brown then discard oil and wipe out hot wok with paper towel 

next up get a few fistful's of well marbled steak marinaded 10 minutes in Ken's Italian dressing with fresh chopped Garlic and black pepper 
get wok smokin hot and throw in only small quantity - about 4 cubic inches max ( thats the best way I can describe) - swish around with Wok shovel, this way the shape of shovel scrapes the sides and works the best - remove steak at medium or rare, do not overcook 

repeat for remaining meat, if cooking for 20 people repeat 3 or 4 times - set aside

clean wok at this time with heat on high and scrape all the goo from meat residue, get smoking hot again and dump 12 oz water bottle in and clean it out - wipe with towel and toss in 2 or 3 tablespoons olive oil then first add onions for 2 minutes sliding around ( splash 1/4 cup water on em to get going) next dump entire cut up veggie selection - unfortunately for this I have only pics from a simple pepper and onion rendition  

keep it all moving -never stop - on high heat and careful not to add water or else will turn to boiling soup..once green items turn darker such as Broccoli and celery at this time dump in meat that was set aside, stir like crazy and serve right away

good luck

-Scott A