Introduction: Supercheap Make-up Storage Using Cotton Swabs

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Hi! This instructable will show you a supereasy, supercheap and supercute way to organize your make-up, craft supplies, jewellery, etcetera etcetera. All you'll need is some boxes of cotton swabs and sharpies in a variety of colors. This is a part of my blogpost at

Step 1: Get Rid of the Cotton Swabs & Clean Up

Now that you have your boxes of cotton swabs, get rid of all that's in it. You don't necessarily have to throw them away, since that would be a year supply of cotton swabs gone to waste, but just put them in a slightly bigger storage unit.
Once you've done that, remove any stickers or logos, so you'll get a nice clean little box. You could leave it like this (as you can see, I did that with some of my nail-art supplies), but I like to decorate them a little bit, just for fun.

Step 2: Let's Decorate!

This is the step where you can go all crazy with your sharpies. Practice on some different patterns to make sure you get the exact design you want for your make-up storage box. I created 8 different designs just to give you some ideas. I like to use multiple different colors, but could also just stick to one color for a more classic look. This is also a great way to lable your storage boxes, to help organize your stuff.

Step 3: Organize

The final step is of course to organize your stuff by putting it into your custom-made storage boxes. These boxes are especially suited for smaller objects, such as make-up, jewellery, beads, etcetera.

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