Supermodel Shoes

Introduction: Supermodel Shoes

Step 1:

What you will need: (I got everything at Walmart)
-A white pair of canvas shoes
-Acrylic paint
•Apple Barrel - White
•Appel Barrel - Black
•Apple Barrel - Bimini Blue
•Apple Barrel - Jack-o-Lantern
•Apple Barrel - King's Gold
•Apple Barrel - Purple Pansy
•Apple Barrel - Fuchsia
•Folk Art - Ocean Cruise
- Paint Brushes
- Paint Sealant
- Two to Three Days Time

Step 2:

Mix your paint to find the perfect turquoise color like the album cover.

Step 3:

Create whatever design on the album cover you want. I decided to do the cameras on the right shoe and the girl on the left shoe.

Step 4:

Start painting.

Step 5:

Don't forget to seal the paint.

Step 6:

One shoe done!

Step 7:

Seal the other.

Step 8:

And there you go! An awesome pair of Foster The People shoes. I got all of my supplies at Walmart.

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    8 years ago

    Those are so cool I'm going to go out and make my own!!!!