Introduction: Supernatural: Dean's Amulet

Supernatural is one of my favorite TV shows. Dean, Sam, and Castiel are gorgeous.
What makes Dean more gorgeous is his amulet.
I decided to make a replica of it :3

Step 1: Things You'll Need

Step 2: Start Molding the Clay

It was really complicated to mold but once I got the initial shape it was easy sailing from then on.
You should start of with a ball shape and slowly mold it into something that looks like a cross.

Step 3: Face Details

The amulet itself looks like a human-head with horns, like the Egyptian Apis Bull.
So start of with a human face. 
The ears are abnormal because they're  below one half of the face.
I initially thought I could make the eyes and the mouth with out extra clay but I was wrong :c
I made tiny spheres and added them to the eyes and mouth area. And I shaped them with the edge of a sharp object.

Step 4: Detailing

On the top of the head I added two small horns on each side by rolling two pieces of clay and bending them. 
On the forehead of the original amulet there was a spiral shape (sort of like the airbending symbol from Avatar).
I also added the hole to put the thread through. I did that by using the end tip of a plastic fork.

Step 5: Bake and Paint

After I baked my clay I painted it gold. 
And then after it dried I added a second layer of gold.
I left hints of silver in there too, to add more shine.
I took some black paint also to add detail to the face and horns.
After it dried and cooled down (it looked so much better after it dried), I added thread that I had from a necklace that I bought from a thrift store for a dollar.
And then I was done! It came out really good. All my friends are gonna be so jealous :3
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