Introduction: Surgical Gummy Bear Kit

Step 1: What You Will Need

To make the gummy bear surgery kit, you will need the following: Gummy Bears Several Different X-Acto Blades A Straw Altoids Tin Paper Tape Scissors

Step 2: Making the Compartments

Making the compartments is fairly easy. Put the can on the paper and mark it like shown in the second picture. Mark that line across the whole page. Cut along the line so you are left with a thin strip of paper. I didn't draw my line perfectly, so I was a little off. Now cut your strip of paper so it goes halfway across the tin. Tape it down when you have cut it. Do this again so it looks like the first picture.

Step 3: Putting Everything In!

To put the maximum amount of gummy bears in the large compartment, arrange them head to head like shown in the second picture. Put the X-Acto tools in one compartment and your almost done. Now, cut a small length out of the straw. This will be used for stomach transplants. I will show you some basic operations on the next step.

Step 4: Surgery

Welcome to The Gummi Bear Surgery School! Here you will learn all about gummy transplants. Let's start with basic head transplants. Cut off two gummy heads, and switch them, easy as that! Next is body transplants. This one is a bit harder because it is tougher to cut strait down the middle. Cut two gummy bears in half and switch the halves. The idea with this transplant is that you can have a perfect left and right handed gummy. The final basic transplant is a stomach transplant. To perform this transplant, you will use the straw. Take the straw and place a finger over one end of the straw. This will trap the air inside making it more sturdy. Now insert the straw into the gummy bear cutting out a hole where the stomach is. Now switch the stomachs and you are done. I hope you enjoyed the basic gummy transplant training!

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