Introduction: Surimi Salad

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I usually don't really like creamy salads as they tend to have either too much mayonnaise or are too salty and heavy. But the surimi salad was a real discovery. Light and full of nice fresh vegetables, it's perfect for hot sunny days.

Step 1: Let's Begin

Things you will need:

- 500 g of pasta

- 250 g of surimi sticks

- 2 tomatoes (i use the big, home grown ones as they are a lot tastier than grapolo ones from the store)

- 2 peppers (the original recipe says they have to be green, but I use the ones I have at home; it's not much of a difference, it only gives the salad more colour)

- 1 red onion (why is it called red when it's actually purple?)

- 300 g of sour cream

- 1 table spoon of mayonnaise

- salt and pepper

- fresh parsley

Step 2: Preparation

While pasta is cooking, dice all the vegetables and cut the parsley into small bits

Step 3: The Final Step

When the pasta is cooked, drain it of water and run some cold water through it to cool it down. Put it into a bowl and add all your ingredients: diced onion, peppers, tomatoes and surimi sticks, chopped up parsley, salt, pepper and add the mayonnaise and cream. Mix it all up so all the ingredients are covered in the dressing in the same amount.

Before eating this delicious salad, put it into the fridge for at least half an hour to let it cool down as it is best served cold (just like beer, but I don't know if beer goes with this... Never tried it... If you do, please let me know ^^)