Introduction: Surround Sound Speaker Hanger

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I wanted to find a way to 'mount' the rear surround sound speakers to the wood trim in my house that was built in 1915 without damaging the trim...
I came up with this way to mount them using a couple of wire hangers and a few drywall screws. The rear speakers for my system already have a mounting hole on the back of them, but I didn't want to put a screw on the face of the trim to mount them. So I came up with this way to mount the speakers on the top on the trim where the holes will not be seen.

Tools needed:
Assortment of pliers
Anvil of some form - I use a section of an old tail road track
Cordless Drill

Supplies Needed:
2 wire hangers
4 drywall screws

Step 1: Getting Started

Cut off the straight portion of the wire hanger, this is what we will use to make each hanger.
Measure and mark the approximate center of the wire you just cut. No need to be exact.
Bend the wire in half at your mark.

Step 2: Making the Bend Nice and "tight"

Hold the now bent in half wire tightly with a plier. Make the bend nice and 'tight' by lightly pounding straight down on the bend holding the wire as pictured.

Step 3: Making the Bends in the Vice

Now we need to make the bend that will hold the speaker. For my speakers I found I needed this bend to be about 1/2 inch.
Tighten the bent end of the wire in the jaw of the vice with 1/2 inch being held by the vice.
Lighty tap the wire over with your hammer to the desired angle.

Step 4: More Bends in the Vice

Time to make the "Y" bend.
We need to move the wire in the vice. Move the wire in the vice so that it is held so the wire at the top of the jaw is about 1 1/2 inches above the bend we just made, now the ends of the wire should be sticking straight out of the top of the jaws on the vice again.
Gently bend the wires out to the desired angle

Step 5: Cutting to Size

You should now have a piece that looks something like this.
We will now trim the extra wire off.
Measure each end and mark and cut at 3 1/2 inches

Step 6: Making the 'screw Holes'

Using a needle nose plier bend the wire to form 'screw holes'

Now our mounting wires are complete.
Time to mount the speakers

Step 7: Time to Hang Our Speakers

Time to hang our speakers.
Line up the speakers where you want them and mark each hole with a pencil or marker.
Using drywall screws attach the wire hangers to the trim.
Hang the speakers on the wire hangers.
Bend the wire slightly if need be to adjust how the speakers hang.

Project complete.