Introduction: Survival Electric Coil USB Rechargeable Lighter From an Old PowerBank

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Hello folks,

I have built Survival Electric Coil USB Rechargeable Lighter From Old Powerbank, Which can essentially be used for experiments and to create small ember which can further be used to create fire in the wild or around your home without any hassle.

Let's get started

Below are the things you will need

USB Power Bank

(Any would be ok I have taken cheap one which had no use, you can take any but make sure that the cell in that power bank should be in the working condition as we only need current to make this)

Push button

Can be found in any electrical shop

Nichrome wire - 32AWG (Most important thing)

Specifications: 80/20 Nichrome Wire ( 80% Nickel, 20% Chromium )

Diameter: 32 SWG (0.274mm)

Resistance: 18.74 Ohms/meter OR 5.712 Ohms/ft.

I have used this one because it is proper for this project and easily available around my place

Make sure you take sufficient gauge wire because more thicker the wire the more current you will need to heat that wire, so in my case, I found this one suitable for 5volt 1A normal power bank

U pin (Normal paper U pin) to make nichrome wire connector

Step 1: Open the Power Bank and Make Sure to Detach the USB Socket Form the Chip to Make Some Room for Wire to Be Solder Keep the Mini Usb Port As It Is As We Need That to Charge the Lighter

You can also keep the USB port intact just make sure to have a positive and negative wire out (take the reference of picture attached)

Step 2: Push Button Workings

To see the push button workings refer attached image

In the reference image, you can see there are four pins on the push button, Referred as A, B, C, D

Current will pass from A to C without pushing the button

If You want to use the function of a push button you need to use only Point A and B

Step 3: Soldering Two U Pin Cutout Ends in the Middle of the Negative Wires

Cut the U pin for two straight individual pieces (You can also use paper pins)

U pin is better while doing the solder

Now solder one U-Pin cutout to the power bank's(-)black wire end and one U pin cutout to the other end of the wire from the push button's Point A (In short we need U pin cutout's in between negative wireline)

Solder Red(+) wire directly to the point B of the push button

Step 4: Drill Small Holes in the Side of the Power Bank Body to Make Everything Look Clean and Pull Out Two Open-ended U Pin Pieces From the Hole

Step 5: Take Nichrome Wire and Swirl It Around Screwdriver to Make Coil Shape Wire, Then Solder One End of the Nichrome Wire to the One End of the U Pin Cutout and Another End of the Nichrome Wire to the Other End of the U Pin Cutout

This step is very important part as if you don't do this your nichrome wire coil will not work

Step 6: Now Apply Hot Glue Under the U Pin Joints So It Will Not Move or Come Out From the Power Bank Body, Also Fix the Push Button With Hot Glue on the Side of the Powerbank, in My Case, There Is a Space Left From Where I Have Removed the USB Socket Previously

Step 7: Charge the Power Bank With Normal Mobile Charger and Your Survival Coil USB Rechargeable Lighter Is Ready to Shine

Things to remember

Never keep the push button pressed for a long time or you might damage your power bank's battery cell

Use right gauge Nichrome wire

Working Lighter Video Attached

Questions and suggestions are most welcome !!