Introduction: RC Car PVC Portable Folding Ramp

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Hi Peeps,

I tried to find RC car ramp for my E-Revo 1:16 but unable to find any information on the internet, tried some options like cardboard ramp, it is good for indoors but not so good for outdoors and big jumps, so I decided to build one after several trial and error, and here is the completed ramp that anyone can build under 8 Dollars or less, so let' jump into details

Step 1: Items Needed to Build the RC Car Portable Ramp

Required materials

4x T Joints

4x 90 Elbows

2x 8.2ft (2.5m) PVC pipe (20mm)

1x 2x3ft Masonite or fiberglass sheet or polycarbonate sheet or plexiglass sheet less than 2mm thick

PVC Glue

8 x 1.25 Inch Screws with Nuts

Tools Needed:

1x Hack Saw

Measure Tape




1: Cut 2 30 inches (750mm) pieces of pipe

2: Cut 1 18 inches pieces of pipe

3: Cut 4 1ft (300mm) pieces of pipe

4: Cut 4 2 inches (65mm) pieces of pipe

Step 2: Cut to Sheet Into Appropriate Size 2x3ft

You can change this measurement but if you want to change this then you have to change each pipe measurement accordingly, this one is perfect for 1:16 or 1:10 and around that size of RC cars

Step 3: Now Cut the PVC Pipes and Put Them As Shown in the Picture to Get the Rough Idea of the Measurements

if something is not right or proper you can change it at this point, because nothing is fixed or joint

But make sure you are keeping equal distance on each side of the sheet

approximately (8cm) in from the long side and 3.5 (9cm) from the short side it may change according to your setup

Step 4: Now Glue All the Joints Except Two Joints That Shown in the Pictures

Do no Glue the joints which we are using to adjust the height of the ramp and used as a hinge

Step 5: After Gluing All the Parts the Ramp Frame Would Look This, As Shown in the Picture

Step 6: Now Final Step Is to Secure the Sheet With the Frame Using the 1.25 Inch Screws Shown in the Picture, Use Drill to Make Neat Holes in the Sheet Through PVC Pipe

You can directly drill the holes by securing the sheet with the masking tape or something like that temporarily, no need to take perfect measurements as we just want to secure the sheet with the frame

Step 7: You Can Make Grooves in the Sheet Using Glue Gun to Give Some Traction While Jumping the Car If Surface Is Slippery

Step 8: And That Is It Your Protable RC Car Ramp Is Ready to Do Some Bashing!!

Step 9: Go to the Given Youtube Link to See the Demo of the Ramp