Introduction: Survival Food Storage - the Plastic Bottle

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Simple. Easy. Effective.

Why a plastic bottle? Big deal, it's food in a bottle. Here is why this is important!

True Story: I prepare for hurricane season every year. One year, my hurricane storage box flooded due to a leak in one of my gallons of water. What I found many weeks later, was a nice fermented soup of rice, beans and other dry goods. MMMMMM MMMMMMM Good!

So, a few things this simple idea does:

-Keeps food dry.

-Keeps insects out.

-Easy to carry if on the move from zombies.

-Easy to measure.

-Can be hidden (buried) for later.

-Dual purpose measuring cup and storage

Step 1: Collect Materials


  • Marker
  • Measuring cup
  • Bottle w/lid
  • Dry goods

There are many different types of bottles you can use, choose one based on the size needed and how it will fit into your storage or pack. The "square" Fiji bottles stack quite nicely if space is an issue.

Step 2: Measure and Add

If you require super accurate measurements, use water to mark off each bottle at the 1 cup line. Fill and mark you bottle at 1 cup intervals to the top. This will allow you to measure out your dry goods by what you need AND when empty, the bottle can also measure other goods or water.

If you are not looking for uber accurate, just use your measuring cup to measure out your dry goods at 1 cup intervals.

Step 3: How to Cook

Now that your goods are in the nice dry and safe container, you will need to know how to cook it later on. I hope you didn't toss the bag it came in, because you can simply tape the product information to the bottle.

Alternatively, you can simply write the ratio of goods-to-water on the side.

And there you have it, a dual purpose measuring cup and dry goods storage. So as you crawl through the swamp with mutated gophers chasing you, rest assured your food is dry.

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