Survival Kit in a Floss Container

Introduction: Survival Kit in a Floss Container

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For todays instructable I will show you how to make a survival kit in the unassuming, tiny floss container.

Here goes.....

Step 1: Gather Materials

What you need:

-roll of scotch tape

-small fish hook

-fish line

-razor blade



-safety pin


-electrical tape

-2 rubber bands

-water purification tablet

-dental floss container

-2 pliers

Step 2: Fish Line, Saw, and Razor Blade

To get these items you need to go through other steps to make them fit.

1. Saw
I got my mini saw from the end of a roll of scotch tape. I easily cut it to the right shape with scissors and put it in the kit.

2. Razor Blade
To get the razor blade to the right size I used the two pliers. With one I held the blade where I wanted it to snap and with the other broke it off so that it became the right size.

3. Fish Line
The fishing line was simple. I cut out 2 ft and then folded it over itself so it was the right size, and then rapped it in tape to keep it together.

Step 3: Container

For the floss container I removed the floss and took out the pegs it was distributed on by simply snapping them off. I then removed the stickers and the metal thing used to cut the floss. However, if you want it to look unassuming, keep the stickers and metal thing on amd glue a little floss in the inside and feed it through the top.

Step 4: Everything Else in the Kit

The rest if the items are:

-6 inches rolled duct tape

-2 rubber bands

-safety pin

-matches cut to right length

-striker for matches


-water purification tablet

-fish hook

Step 5: Packing

I started by putting everything flat at the bottom and rapping the fish line around the outside, the fitting everything in after that.

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