Introduction: Survival Necklace

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Hello everbody.   This instructable will teach how to make a survival necklace.    So if you ever get lost in the widlerness you'll be glad you have this.   So enough talking let's get started.

Step 1: Supplies

Items you'll need:

     1. Paracord - length needs to around 6ft ( I forgot to measure before hand).
     2. Lighter
     3. Sciscors or other cutting tool
     4. Way to attach both ends of necklace.
     5. Carabiner or keychain ( I suggest carabiner because you can take items off easily).
     6. Survival items- I used Light my Fire-Scout, 5ft of extra paracord, Jet Scream, MIni light, Compass w/ whistle, etc.
        (You can add extra items as you will).

Step 2: The Necklace

Here's how you make the necklace.   Take your paracord ( make sure its 6ft or more, you can cut off extra) and start doing a cobra weave.   For those who do not know how to make the weave look at pictures below.    Make sure that the part that you are tying is roughly 1.5 inches.   Weave all to the way to the bottom leaving a hole for your caribiner to fit through.   Flip it over and start by doing the cobra weave down as shown.   Once you reach the bottom stop.   Take the loose end and measure the around your neck.   Do Not Cut!  Take the loose end and bring it down about 4 inches and make an overhand knot.   This makes a sturdy not knot with a hole to attach the other end to.   Take your attaching device (s-biner, caribiner, or the thing that i'm using, forgot what there called) and slide it through one end and repeat the step for the other side. Attach the two ends and make sure it fits.   If so cut and burn the excess off.

Hint: On the cobra weave make sure you have a zig-zag weave.

Step 3: Finishing Up

Attach caribiner on the bottom hole and add your survival items.   Ta-da now your done and you have surival items close by in case of an emergency.

Hint: This tend to be a little bulky so make it to fit your own personality and taste.

In the future I plan on adding a small knife and some little tubes for tinder and other items.