Introduction: Suspending Water Using a Piece of Fabric

This could make up for a nice trick to amaze your friends. I have tried it many times and it worked out for me. I hope you will enjoy doing this trick.


- a tumbler/cup
- a piece of fabric (material)
- a rubber band/a string
- water

Step 1: Assembling Your Supplies

First of all, you need to pour some water into the tumbler. Then, place the piece of fabric on top of the tumbler. Use the rubber band to hold the fabric firmly in the tumbler. You are done with assembling your supplies. Move to the next step.

Step 2: Performing the Trick

Gather some friends. Tell them that you are going to suspend the water in the tumbler and prevent it from spilling out. Tilt the tumbler a bit, some water will spill out.
Place a palm under the tumbler firmly and turn the tumbler upside down. Tell your friends that you are going to say some magic words. Say this while looking at the tumbler, "With the powers in me, I hereby command you water to remain suspended in the tumbler."
Close your eyes for 5 seconds, under the pretence that you are directing your psychic powers to do your command (that's a lie).
Tell your friends to bring a handset. If they cannot get one, any other material can serve.
Place the handset under the tumbler. Remove your hand that is under the tumbler. Lo and behold! The water will not spill out.
Your friends will be really amazed!

Step 3: The Secret Behind the Trick