Introduction: Sweet Dessert (Gulab Jamun)

Do you want give sweet to your taste buds? Then, you are landed in the right place

Gulab Jamun is most famous Indian dessert.

Step 1: Ingredients

1. Milk cake mix 500 g

2. water 1/4 measure

3.Sugar 2 kilograms

4. oil for deep fry

Step 2: First Step

1.) Add water gradually to the milk cake mix. Please see the attached picture above, which is the milk cake mix. After taking the mix into a bowl, mix the flour with water.

2) Then, Knead the mix gently into smooth dough.

Step 3: Step Two

Apply oil/ghee on both the palms , then shape the dough into small balls. Please see the attached image for assistance.

Step 4: Step Three

Deep fry in oil on medium to a low heat until golden brown. Look at the attached the image!

Step 5: Step Four

Prepare sugar syrup.

1) In an medium-heat, boil cold water with sugar (the quantity varies on how much sugar you eat).

2) Turn on heat to low and stir until the sugar dissolves completely in the water (it should take approximately 3-5 minutes). The longer you let it boil, the thicker the syrup will be.

3) After boiling, let it cool down to room temperature, then take it into a small bowl.

Step 6: Step Five

Soak the fried balls in sugar syrup and serve it with scoop of vanilla ice-cream for best taste!

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