Introduction: Sweet & Sour Citrus Watermelon Salad

This Pan seared salad incorporate seared watermelon and chervil. Sliced Kiwis are seared and added for color contrast. It is then topped with blueberries, feta cheese and then the juice of half lime. The pureed calamondin adds a Sweet & Sour taste to the watermelon.

The Calamondin is a small citrus fruit that is used to flavor foods and drinks. Despite its outer appearance and its aroma, the taste of the fruit itself is quite sour, although the peel is sweet. Eating a whole fruit has a surprise with the combination of sweet and sour. They average the size of large marbles when ripe.


Small Seedless Watermelon

3 Kiwis

1 Pint of Blueberries or you favorite berries

4 oz Feta or Goat Cheese

1/2 Lime

4 Calamondin

Sprigs of Chervil

Cooking Spray

Step 1: Searing the Watermelon

Slice the watermelon in small enough slices to fit in the grill pan. Leave the rind on for firmness. Spray the grill pan and heat on High. Sear the watermelon on one side to get a caramelized or slightly charred. Flip them over and sear the other side. Add the Chervil on top of the grilled side until the other side is complete. Grill the Kiwis also, but these won't take long as they are thinner than the melon.

Step 2: Putting It Together

Remove from the heat and cool in the freezer. Take the Calamondins, squeeze out the seeds, put them then in a blender and puree with the rind. This adds the sweetness to the dressing. If you desire it a little sweeter, you may add honey, brown sugar, splenda or equal.

A twist to this dish is to puree with Chervil, which would add a green tint to the sauce and pour on top of the dish.

Assemble the watermelon, kiwis and blueberries, Sprinkle with Goat or Feta Cheese, pour the puree on top and Enjoy.

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