Introduction: Sweet and Salty Christmas Treat

This sweet and salty Christmas treat does not use any special cooking skills to make, and tastes delicious, since it combines different flavors.


  • white chocolate
  • water
  • small metal bowl
  • cooking pan
  • spatula
  • pretzels
  • parchment paper
  • baking sheet
  • candy canes
  • cutting board
  • meat mallet
  • freezer

Step 1: Melting the Chocolate

Before we start, I would like to tell you two things. First, chocolate burns very easily, and also you cannot ever get chocolate wet. Set a pan on the stove, and fill it half way with water. With the heat on low, place a small metal bowl on top of the pan, and then add the white chocolate. Stir it occasionally, until it is fully melted.

Step 2: Crushing the Candy Canes

Put the candy canes into a quart ziplock bag, and crush them on a cutting board, using a meat mallet. Then add these to the melted chocolate.

Step 3: Adding the Pretzels

Place a piece of parchment paper on a baking sheet, and then add pretzels. Then pour your chocolate-candy cane mixture onto the baking sheet. Thoroughly mix with a spatula.

Step 4: The Completed Desert

Step 5:

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