Introduction: Sweet Chilli Jam

This is a very versatile recipe that you will always want on hand in the fridge or cupboard.
It's a recipe that i came across on another site that I found to be a little bit too sweet and nowhere near spicy enough so I've adapted it to my own tastes and hopefully other peoples as well as I intend on sending a few jars out as christmas presents this year.

Step 1: Ingredients

You will need:

2 large red peppers (add more pepper and less chilli for a milder jam)
10 red chillis (add more chillies for a hotter jam, I used 12)
a couple of handfuls of cherry tomatoes (alternativley a can of cherry tomatoes)
1 medium sized garlic bulb
1 finger length piece of fresh ginger
750 grammes of golden caster sugar
250 ml red wine vinegar
6 chipotle halves (recipe below if you want to make your own)

Home made chipotles here:

Step 2: Tools

A heavy bottomed pan ( a wide one works better and reduces cooking time)
Kitchen scales
Wooden spoon
Chopping board
Kitchen knife

Step 3: Wash and Chop

Wash and deseed your peppers then roughly chop them, don't worry about chopping into small pieces it's just so they fit in the blender.

Step 4: Washing

Wash your chillies and tomatoes, mine are both home grown but store bought will work just as well.
If you want a milder jam deseed your chillies here, I leave mine in for heat and texture.

Step 5: Peel

peel your ginger and garlic and roughly chop the ginger.

Step 6: Blend

Put tomatoes,peppers and chillies into the blender and blend until finely chopped, add most of this mixture to your pan but keep a little bit in the blender to make the next step easier.

Step 7: Still Blending

Add the ginger, garlic and chipotles to the remaining mixture in the blender and blend untill finely chopped, then add to the pan of already blended tomatoes,peppers and chillies.

Step 8: Final Ingredients

Finally add your sugar and red wine to the pan, turn on the heat and bring everything to a boil stirring continuously.

Step 9: Scum

As the jam starts to boil skim off any of the foamy scum that rises to the surface. Turn down the heat and simmer for about an hour stirring occasionally.

Step 10: Lava Boil

After about an hour you will notice the jam start to thicken and the bubbles get smaller so that it looks like bubbling lava, stir continually at this point as you don't want to over cook it and end up with treacle. As you are stirring you will know the jam is ready when the spoon starts to leave a trail and you can briefly see the bottom of the pan through it, using a cold metal spoon dip into the jam if it coats the back of the spoon nice and thinly the jam is ready and you can turn off the heat ( the jam will thicken quite a bit more as it cools).

Step 11: After Cooling

Once the jam has cooled slightly (please be careful as it stays hot a long time) transfer carefully to a jug and fill sterilized jars and containers, store in dark place for upto 3 months and once opened transfer to a refridgerator.

Step 12: Serving Suggestions

This jam is good with almost anything, here i have it poured over a baked camembert or try australian style poured over cream cheese and eaten with tortilla chips.
I hope you enjoyed this instructable.