Introduction: Swing Out Your Stress

Get ready to have fun while building this swing table!

Step 1: Introduction

In this instructable, we will show you how to build a swing table with materials that you can find anywhere. This swing table will help to reduce your stress and bring harmony to your body by allowing you to be in contact with nature. This swing table is designed for four people, which will allow people to study or work together in a friendly and nice environment. This is something that can help people with their stress and anxiety and can have positive results on someone's health. This is something really fun to build, but you will not be able to do it by yourself because some of the steps require more than one person. For this, you will need patience, creativity and help from other people.

Swing seat is 20 inches

the table is 20 ft

Step 2: Materials and Tools

For this swing table, you will need the following things.

1. Pressured treated Wood

2. A box of screws

3. Glasses

4. Gloves

5. Drill

6. Driver

7. 8 3/8 in x 8 in Eye Bolt with Nut

8. 8 3/8 in x 5 in Eye Bolt with Nut

9. VINYL Coated wire rope Kit

10. Different sizes of drills

12. A ladder

Step 3:

First, you will need to have four pieces of wood. Two of them have to be 8 feet long and the other 2 will have to be 6 feet long, in order to form a rectangle at the bottom to support your structure. Once you have your four pieces of wood ready, you are going to drill holes on the corners to nail it to the other sides and connect them. If you can't find the right length for the pieces of wood, you can buy a big one and cut it with a compound miter saw.

Step 4:

After having the base ready, our second step was to make the sides of the structure, so we then used pressure treated wood, considering that this structure will be outside in the courtyard all the time. The pieces of pressure treated wood that we used were 8 feet tall. First, we had to angle the sides, so that they would be at the same distance from the corners of the base. After measuring where we were going to put them, we then measured the space that was left between them and put that wood at the top to connect the two pieces of wood that are going to be the sides of the structure. Leave the two 8 feet pieces of wood on the floor and don't move them until you do the next step.

Step 5:

After measuring the angles of the sides, you have to cut the wood. You'll notice that the wood is not straight and instead two angles form at the sides. You have to be very careful during this step because you will need to have the same angles for the four pieces of wood and if the angles are different, then that might not work to connect the sides. After cutting the wood, you will have four pieces of wood. Your next step is to put two pieces of wood together by drilling holes on both of them and then screw them together with a bracket, so that they give the structure more support. You will need to do the same steps to the other side two pieces of wood as well and you'll be ready to start your next step.

Step 6:

When you already have your two sets of wood that you're going to put them on the top, then you will screw holes on the sides of the the wood that's going to go on the side and also from the corners of the top to the base. This step is a little bit complicated because the screws are not going to go straight, they have to go a little bit crooked, so that it connects to the other sides. After you screw the top together with the base, you will do the same thing for the other side and will be ready to put the sides up.

Step 7:

For this step, three people will be needed to hold the sides. Two people will hold a side of the base and the third person will screw the bottom with the base. For this, you will use two big bolts to connect the sides with the base. While doing this step, you will need to be very careful and don't move the sides because otherwise they will not be at the same level. After having the two sides up, you will need to put two pieces to connect the two sides, so that they give the sides support and they son't move while you put the wood on the top.This is a good time to take a break because you will some of your structure ready.

Step 8:

Then, you will need to measure the space on the top and cut the wood that goes there. In our swing table the top is 8 feet log. For this step, you will need two people to hold each side and screw it to the sides. You will do the same thing for the other side and after you have the top, you will move to the middle of the structure and cut the wood that will go in the middle of the sides. Our side connecting are 50 inches. Make sure that they're both at the same height and for this, two people will be needed as well, so that one can hold the side and the other crew the other to the side.

Step 9:

Now, you will work on the swings. This is probably the hardest step of the swing table because you have to drill a hole on the top so that you can put a bulb that goes all the way through and from there you'll be able to to put the rope for the swings. You will drill holes on top and then put the bolt all the way through to put the swings. You will repeat this step eight times and then you'll be ready to move to the swing seats. Each swing is 20 inches apart.

Step 10:

After you drill the holes on the top, you will measure the wood for the seats and cut it. When you have your wood ready, you will measure it and see where you want to drill the holes in and put it there. You will also put some bolts on the swings and use a clamp set to connect the bolts with the rope and put them at the top. You will put the rope through the two bolts at the top and and the one sat the bottom.

Step 11:

After you have the swings ready, you can do your final step which is to do the table. You will need four 8 feet long pieces of wood or more depending on how big your structure is and after that you will have drill and screw the wood to the base and that will be your final step. After you screw the table, you will be done and have an awesome swing table that will make you proud.

Step 12:

Your last step is to enjoy your swing table, relax and have fun while being productive in a nice and friendly environment.