Introduction: Swinging Chair

You"ll Need:
(1) 3 inches around wood dowel and 5 feet long
(3) heavy duty eye bolts
(2) large metal ring
1000 yards macrame cord or jute, any color combination
Chair cushion or miscellaneous cushions
Open wall space or door opening
Tape measure


Cut 20 lengths of cord that are 25 yards long

Hammer a large nail into the wall or at the top of a door opening. Place a large metal ring over the nail for a working area.

Fold the 20 lengths of cord in half through the ring. You now have 40 cords hanging from the metal ring. This will be tight so make sure the metal ring is large enough not only for the cords but for the weight.

Working from left to right, take the first 4 cords and tie a square knot with the left and right outside cords over the 2 middle cords. Tighten the square knot against the square knot on the ring. Repeat this step with all the cords. You should end up with a 5 square knot. Go back to the left side of the ring for the next row.

Alternate the knots by leaving the first 2 cords dangling. You will want the square knots for this row to be in the middle of the 2 square knots above it. Take the next 4 cords and place a square knot in the same manner as the previous step. Repeat all the way around ending up with 2 loose cords at the end. Go back to the left side and start the third row.

Repeat Steps 4 and 5 alternatively until the chair reaches approximately 4 to 5 feet.

Attach all the cords onto the second ring with square knots in the same manner as in Step 4.

Attach an eye bolt toward the ends of the dowel, close to the edge. Attach the last eye bolt in a tree by screwing it into the tree trunk.

Tie a double length of cord from one eye bolt to another on the dowel. This length needs to be long enough to hang comfortably from the tree without touching the ground. Remember the cord will stretch some when first used.

Attach each large ring to each eye bolt on the dowel. Hang from the tree eye bolt with the length of cord. Place chair cushions in the chair or throw pillows.

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