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Introduction: Swirly Cake Pop Design

Yesterday I finished this short video on how to make a swirly pattern on a cake pop! The cake pop in
the photo has chocolate cake on the inside and minty chocolate flavored swirls on the outside. Yummy!

I'm especially happy about this video because I made my first jingle which makes
the video more complete than my previous ones I think.  Thank you to my friend Melissa
for the piano lessons!

This tutorial and others are on my You Tube channel "SparkedIdeas"

Link to the video - http://youtu.be/XIcG3oMqntw
My Blog - http://sparkedideas100.blogspot.com/
Additional links are listed under the YouTube video.

I hope you'll enjoy watching it!

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Jade o gator
Jade o gator

9 years ago

You make it look so easy but it's so hard

Sparked Ideas
Sparked Ideas

Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

Hi Jade o gator, What is it exactly that you had trouble with? Maybe I can help out.