Introduction: DIY Tree of Life Pendant

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Another swirly jewelry! I had this plan of making a swirly tree of life pendant for a long time. I thought it would be difficult to make but finally when I had the time to make one, it didn't seem so difficult at all. I'm too much into swirls and can't seem to come out of it :p

Anyways, I hope the tutorial is helpful and let me know if there's any question about it ^_^

Step 1: Materials Needed

To make this pendant you'll need:

  1. Craft wire - 18 gauge and 22 gauge,
  2. Jewelry pliers,
  3. Round object- to make the base circle.

Step 2: Base Circle

Hold the 18 gauge wire from one end without cutting it from the bundle,

make a loop (big enough to get a chain through it) on that end,

Now wrap the wire (leaving the loop) tightly around any round object of at least 1.5 cm radius,

Wrap the wire twice around the round object,

After wrapping it twice leave 2 cm extra and cut off the wire from the bundle,

Bend the loop into 90 degrees and coil the extra 2 cm wire below the loop as shown in the picture.

Step 3: Measuring Wire for the Tree

Measuring the wires for making the swirly tree is quite difficult because the wire required to make the swirls are hard to measure,

Anyways, the base circle I made was of 2 cm radius, so I made a little guess and took 6 pieces of 22 gauge wire, each of them being 18 cm long.

My lucky guess worked perfectly!

So, I needed 18 cm long wire pieces for a 2 cm radius circle.

Step 4: Making the Trunk

Hold all the 6 pieces of 22 gauge wire together,

Leave 4 cm of the wires straight and then twist 2 cm of the wires together as shown in the 1st picture of this step. The twisted part would be the trunk of the tree. Stop twisting the wire when the trunk reaches its required length.

Now, place the twisted wires on the base circle, keeping the 4 cm straight part of the wires outside the base circle. We'll create the root system of the tree using these extra 4 cm.

Carefully coil 1-1.5 cm of the extra wires around the base circle. Use the rest of the wires to make swirly patterns. Use the flat nose plier to flatten the swirls with the base circle. There, we have a swirly root system!

Step 5: Making the Tree

In this step we're going to make the swirly tree branches.

Start from one side.

Hold a wire from any one side, use the looping plier to make a small loop on that wire, near the trunk. Circle the wire 2 times around that loop to make a swirly pattern,

Now make another loop near the swirl, by winding the wire to the opposite direction of the previous one. Again, circle the wire 2 times around the loop to create another swirl.

Keep doing the same until you've created swirls on all 6 branches (wires).

Step 6: Completing the Edge

While making swirls on the branches make sure to keep 4 cm extra on the wire otherwise you won't be able to complete the edge.

After completing the swirly branches coil 1-1.5 cm of the remaining wire around the base circle,

Use the rest of the wire to make swirly pattern and bend or rotate the swirl to flatten it with the rest of the swirly branches.

Done coiling the edge? now simply attach the pendant with a chain or string through the loop on the base circle.


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