Introduction: Swiss Chocolate Fudge Ice Cream

Tasty n yummy

Step 1: Ingredients Required;

Whip cream (rich gold): 1½ cup
Powder sugar: ¼cup
Milk powder: ¼cup (everyday Nestle company)
Condensed milk: ¼cup
Choco chips: ¼cup
Choco truffle: 200 gms + 100 gms(for garnish)
(Note:recepie for Choco truffle is shown in step 2)
Choco powder: 1tablespoon
Vanilla essence: 2teaspoon

Step 2: How to Make Chocolate Truffle Sauce;

Dark chocolate: 100gms
Fresh creame: 100gms
Butter: 20gms

Take a pan, put fresh creame n boil properly. Then add chopped dark chocolate pieces after switching off the stove.
Mix well then add butter & again mix well. Serve chilled

Step 3: Beating of Creame

Take the cream in the bowl & beat it to stiff peaks.

Step 4: Adding Sugar;

Once the creame is doubled in volume add in sugar & beat it to form peaks.

Step 5: Adding of Melted Chocolate

Once it's wipped take a small portion of whip creame & add it to the melted chocolate.

Step 6: Adding the Rest Ingredients;

Mix that batter well, now add this mix to the wipped add in milk, milk powder, & vanilla.

Step 7: Adding the Batter in Box;

Add some portion of batter in the box than add Choco chips & choco truffle n u can add Choco crumps by sorting the chocolate slab.

Step 8: Final Step That Is Freezing;

Cover the box n freeze the mixture for couple of hours.i .e 6-8 hours.
(Note: do this recepie in cool area which is air conditioner)

Step 9: Serving;

After 6-8 hours I opened the box n it's freezed completely.
Serve it by adding your favorite toppings.

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