Introduction: Swivel Keyboard

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Mostly we place our monitor at the corner of the desk so that we have space for writing and doing anything else.

Common computer desk has a slide out keyboard tray. I think it is not comfortable because we have to place our hands straight toward keyboard and our head should face the monitor at about 45 degrees.

Then I make this one out of junk. Let's get started.

Step 1: Swivel Wheel's Base

This swivel wheels turn on the light-bulb in my head. I had replace my clothline post's wheels almost a year ago. Leaving the wheels' base in my garage.

Step 2: Bending

Bending the wheel's plate is not that easy as we can see. It is hard indeed for this wheel is made for heavy duty usage.

Well, don't give up. You can see that I bended it in unperfect shape, just put both holes together. You can take it to a blacksmith or auto garage to bend it in good shape.

Step 3: Make It Firm

To make it more firm, more grip, I take two pieces of metal forming a cross (x) and drill holes on four ends and one in the middle. This adapter can also be shape to our convenient typing position such as top part of the keyboard (function keys) is higher than the bottom (space bar).

The middle hole is bolted to the swivel wheel and now I have four points to hold a piece of wood where the keyboard will lay.

I use any wood I can find and it is rough with the length of my keyboard and the swivel wheel side by side. For home desk you can look for a better piece of wood. Wider is good for your palm rest, but not too wide because we want to hide it under the desk aren't we? Find good piece of wood, but not too heavy.

Now drill four holes on the wood according to the adapter holes.

Step 4: Appropriate Bolts, Nuts and Screws

Go get some appropriate bolts and nuts and screws. Make sure your screws are not too long to show up on top of your desk.

First, screw the swivel wheel to the bottom of the desk. Make sure the position of the tray before you screw, put some marks on where you should screw.

Then put the tray on the swivel wheel.

Step 5: Done

You are done. It is hidden from the top and it slide out on the position in accordance with your monitor.

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