Introduction: Sync Google Contacts With IPhone for Free

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Being an Android geek for a long time I really loved the way my contacts where synced with every new device I used. It was a piece of cake importing my huge contacts list to any android powered device as I only had to write my Google account info to get this done. However, this thing became just a dream when I bought an iPhone. My first thoughts where that I had to import all of my contacts to iTunes and then sync them with my new iDevice or that I would have to add them all by hand. 

In this instructable I'm going to show you how to sync your Google contacts with your iOS powered device. I've tested this on an iPhone although I'm pretty sure this will work on iPad too.

Step 1: So Lets Start!!!

1. Go to Settings--> Mail, Contacts, Calendars--> Add Account...--> Microsoft Exchange
2. There you will have to enter your Google account information:

In the Email field you write your full Gmail adress. Then you leave the Domain field blank and you continue writing in the Uername field. There you write again your full email adress. Finally in the Password field you type your account password.

3. Press Next
4. If a "Unable to Verify Certificate" popup appears press cancel. 
5. Then an additional field will appear in the previous form
6. In this Server field write ""
7. Then you will have to choose whether you only want your contacts synced or you also want your calendars and your Mail inbox
8. Finally press done

Step 2: That's All!

Wait for a second or two and you will have all your Google contacts synced with your iPhone!

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