Introduction: System 32 Hole Line Adapter

I needed to drill consistent holes in a board. I have a guide rail from Festool with holes for drilling but I don't want to spent that much money for their hole drilling set. And I don't own a Festool router. But you can buy these cheaper Makita router adapters that fit the guide rail and my Bosch router also.

Step 1: Making the Adapter

I graped a scrap piece of Plywood and drilled holes the same spacing as the rods in the Makita adapter. Then I drilled a 6 mm centered hole perpendicular to holes for the rods. I glued a wooden 15 mm pearl on top of a 6 mm dowel. And thats it.

Step 2: Use Your Adapater

With this little jig it was easy to drill all the consistent holes in a cabinet for shelving or hinges.

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