Introduction: T-Bar for the Car

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Nothing removes the illusion of masculinity like the exposed top of a thong...

This will allow you to take the tough out of anyone's vehicle. Works especially well on a work truck...

Step 1: You Will Need

You will have to be able to sew

You will need:

some material 6 inches by 6 inches (the more feminine the better). I chose a nice pink camo pattern.

Stretchy ribbon or material ( I found several yards of 5/8 inch pre-folded notion in hot pink)

3-4 inches of copper banding( steel works too but it is harder to bend by hand)

Cutters for the banding

Step 2: Prep

If you have access to the vehicle ahead of time the thong will fit better.

Begin by measuring the trunk or lift gate along the widest part and down the center from the widest part. This is shown by the thong lines in the picture

Step 3: Make the T-Bar

Using the width measurement you will need to estimate the stretch of the fabric. For example the car trunk was 44 inches wide at the desired point, stretching the fabric to 44 inches holding onto the 44 inch point I released the fabric which shrunk back down to 33 inches. I added 2 extra inches to this and cut the material to make the top strap of the thong.

Using a similar technique to estimate the upright part of the thong, also add one inch to this.

Mark the middle of the top strap and sew the upright strap end to this as shown in the pictures.

On all 3 ends of the straps you will need to sew a small pocket by stitching along the end and about 1.5 inches along the open edge of the straps.

Using the center strap as a guide you will sew the small patch of material to the top strap then fold the sides in to make a triangle and sew along the v seam and to the upright strap.

Step 4: Make the Fasteners

You will use the strapping material to make a hook at the end of each strap. This is the attachment for the car. You will not have to have unlocked access to the car to attach the thong.

Cut between 1 and 1.5 inches of strapping and round the ends off with the cutters. It is important to have no sharp edges which may scratch the car finish putting an end to the hilarity...

You will need 3 pieces of the strapping in total.

Insert the strapping pieces into the pockets at the ends of the straps and fold the end over at about the 1/3 mark of the metal. The fold should go towards the back of the thong triangle.

You have now created the hooks which secure the thong to the car...

Step 5: Attach and Run!

It will take less than 30 seconds to attach this to the car and it is fully street legal!

Begin by hooking one top strap strap around the edge of the trunk and stretch the strap along the top  to hook the other end in the opposite position then stretch the middle strap and hook it along the bottom edge.

It is best if you are not seen as the victim may drive around for quite a while befor noticing his/her new accessory...

Happy Pranksgiving everyone!!!!

If you have the time you may want to add a decorative Tramp Stamp the the trunk. No T-Bar is complete without one!

It is best to use electrical tape which will not harm the vehicle finish, just cut the shapes out as you peel the tape off. The stamp took less than 1 minute to complete...

Step 6: Post Yours!!

I have started a Facebook page for you to post your own pictures. I really want to see these!!!!

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