Introduction: T-Shirt Plant Holder

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This is a very easy craft that only takes 15 minutes to do!

All you have to be able to do is tie knots!

Step 1:


- T-shirt

- Scissors

- Mason Jar

Step 2:

Start by cutting off the sleeves and the bottom heam on the shirt.

Step 3:

Next cut along the shoulder seams and one side seam.

Step 4:

Cut 8 pieces of fabric that are about 1 inch thick. These do not need to be perfect because once you stretch them out, they will all look the same.

Step 5:

Next, put the 8 strips together and tie a knot at the end.

Step 6:

Separate the fabric into groups of two. Then, tie a knot in each group that is 2 inches above the big knot.

Step 7:

Next, take one strip of fabric from two of the groups. Tie them together 2 inches above the other knot. Repeat this util a second layer of knots have been added.

Step 8:

Then, twist the 2 pieces of fabric together for all 4 groups. Tie another knot 6 inches up.

Step 9:

Braid the 8 strips of fabric together and add a loop at the end of the braid. Add the mason jar and you are done!

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