Introduction: TAD's BAR

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TAD- The Awesomest Dude, BAR- Basic Assault Rifle, Coming soon with a better name! This is by far my most favorite gun that I have built recently. This gun has many interesting things about it. Here are a few:
Good range, 40-60 feet on average

Several features of The Red Book of Westmarch's guns; modified handle, modified internals from R3, and the tilted magwell.

The 5-layered magazine comes as an inspiration fro him as well

This is my second gun to feature 6&7 layers, tell me which one you like best!

Has tactical rails on to and bottom, i have attached my favorite foregrip and tried out a new tilted version. I also added custom sights.

Smooth trigger pull.(Hair trigger)

This gun is rugged

No necessary broken pieces.

That's about it, please leave a comment!