Introduction: TAPSHARE

TAPSHARE is an add-on for round water taps that allows you to use them without a direct hand touch.

Prepare the Materials:
// Scissors

// Utility Knife

// 1.5 Liter plastic Bottle X3

// “Thera Band” 1mm - (Latex sports band)

// Ruler

// Lighter (optional)

// Hole Puncher (optional)

Step 1: Caps Manufacturing |

Cut the Top of the Bottle Body

Step 2: Caps Manufacturing |

Continue as close as possible to the rim

Step 3: Caps Manufacturing |

The desired result: 2 mm below the screw.

Make 3 caps.

Step 4: Band Manufacturing |

Cut the band to a 310mm*50mm strip.

Then copy the markings according to the template with a Marker or a pen.

Step 5: Band Manufacturing | ​

Start cutting.

Step 6: Band Manufacturing | ​(You Currently Have Two Options)

A- ‘Freestyle’ cutting in a circular motion around the mark

B- Fold the band in half (on the long side), and insert to half of the mark (+) below the Hole Puncher. If you choose this option, your holes will come out slightly oval, don't be alarmed it’s completely fine!

Step 7: Band Assembly |

Insert the cap screws through the designated holes.

To make sure this is the right hole, you can check on the drawing.

Step 8: Band Assembly |

Notice that the caps are uniformly oriented (screw up), and that the band sits above the first helix.

Step 9: Band Assembly |

Stretch it carefully to make sure the caps are sitting tight.

Step 10: Caps Manufacturing |

Remove the plastic seal that is attached to the back of the cap

Step 11: Caps Manufacturing |

Cut the caps in a half-moon shape.

*If you have difficulty in the initial carving, the knife can be slightly warmed with a lighter.

Step 12: Caps Manufacturing |

Make 3 parts.

Step 13: Final Assembly

Place the band on top of the tap with the screw facing up. Stretch in a rotary motion.

In the second wrap, lock the remaining holes on the band in the appropriate meetings with the cap heads.

Finally, assemble the caps and lock them in a rotary motion.

Product is fully assembled and ready for use!