Introduction: TARDIS Fragment Necklace

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If you're a fan of Doctor Who, then you probably remember when The Doctor pulled out a piece of the TARDIS from the crack in the wall. After being bored on the internet and stumbling upon this necklace on etsy, I thought "hey, that looks simple, I bet I could make one!" And I did. And so I shall share the wisdom I have gained from many travels across time and space from the making of this necklace, and perhaps you to shall make one, as an awesome fashion piece or fandom statement. And without further ado, let's get started!

Step 1: Materials

For this you will need:
• wood (about 3mm thick)
• blue paint (I used acrylic)
• white paint (I used acrylic)
• black paint (again, I used acrylic)
• hacksaw/jeweler saw or scroll saw
• clear coat (optional)
• small paint brush
• drill
• knife or razor blade

Step 2: Sketching Out a Design

As seen in the first picture, I drew on the wood a shape similar to the etsy necklace. Just use a pencil and draw on a shape that resembles the TARDIS fragment. Once you're happy with the look of your "time" piece (ha-ha!) cut it out.

Step 3: Cleaning Up

After you cut it out, you may want to fine tune your TARDIS fragment. Grab some rough sand paper (I used 80 grit) and clean it up and make it look more like how it does in the photos.

Step 4: Detailing

Now comes the time to detail it! As you probably noticed, you could see to little Notches in the necklace that was supposed to be like a frame for the sign. Cut these out (refer to the pictures). Once you're done, rough them up with the sand paper.

Step 5: Painting

VERY IMPORTANT! Before you start painting, drill out a hole in the corner of your fragment, that way you can sand out the roughness and paint in the hole, so it doesn't stand out. Now that the hole is done, we can start painting start out by painting the "frame", sides, and back. Once that dries, paint in the white for the sign. When that dries, you use the black paint and paint on either the words on the sign, Bad Wolf, or whatever you want! Note: it is a good idea to have a cup of water on hand to wash off the paintbrush in between colors, and a tissue or piece of toilet paper to dry it off.

top tip: not having a fine tipped paintbrush, I have learned that a fine sharpie will also work for the words.

Step 6: Finishing Up

The final stretch! This is probably the trickiest part. Did you see how the TARDIS fragment looked a bit vintage/damaged? We can do that. Take your paintbrush and put a very small amount of black paint on it, as if you were just barely touching the paint. Now, very quickly, dip the brush in water. The effect is a watered down black that leaves a faint tint that gives our piece the extra oomph to make it complete. Now just paint the edge of the white panel, like you're outlining it. After it dries, put on the clear coat if you have it.

Step 7: Optional: Making a Jump Ring

This is an optional step for if you need to make a jump ring to connect the fragment to a necklace chain, bracelet, or whatever!
Just take a paper clip (make sure it does not have a rubber coating) and bend it out. Don't worry about undoing kinks. Then wrap it around a circular object (I'm using a screwdriver of course) and pull it off. Now cut off a section with some wire cutters.

Step 8: Wear!

Now wear your necklace and show off your awesome whovian-ness to the world!