Introduction: THE BATMAN LAMP

Time spent: 60 min Money spent: approx. 5 euros (5.45 USD)

The Batman Lamp is an easy and cheap paper
construction. Its also a great gift for your Batman-loving friends!

Step 1: Things You Will Need:

1) Maquette paper (as big as you want your lamp

to be- mine was 50*70/5MM and I made three bat-signals from it). I picked black paper but you can use white and then paint it black.

2) Pen or pencil

3) Red lights (like Christmas lights), preferably Led so they dont heat up, preferably battery powered so there won't be a cable hanging from the lamp. They don't need to be too long, mine has 10 led light bulbs. If you buy the battery powered ones, don't forget the batteries because they are usually not included!

4) Paper to draw your Bat-signal on, as big as you want your signal to be (I used 3 A4 pieces taped together)

5) A cutter or a Knife and a pair of scissors

6) A common nail and a picture hook

7) Super glue and sellotape (or a silicone glue
gun if you have one)

Step 2: Step by Step Instructions:

Choose your favorite Bat-signal. I love" The

Dark Knight" so I picked that one. (Fun fact: there are 30 batman logos you can choose from)

Now you will need your artistic skills in order
to draw the Bat-signal on the paper! If you have trouble in this step you can print a copy and use that instead. Don't forget, its important to make it as big as you want your lamp to be!

Step 3:

Step 3: Using the scissors or the cutter cut out the

Bat-signal and place it on the Maquette paper

Step 4:

Step 4: Using the cutter or the knife cut out the Bat-signal

on the Maquette paper. Be careful not to aply too much pressure on the Maquette paper so it won't lose its thickness.

Step 5:

Step 5: It's time to glue the battery and lights on the

back of the Bat-signal! First calculate where you'll glue the battery and then adjust the light bulbs to be as even as possible on both sides. The bulbs should be on the edge of the paper but without sticking out. Now immobilise them using sellotape. Tape down any cables protruding too.

This step can also be done using a silicone glue gun instead of super glue and sellotape.

Here's a picture when I had glued only the battery

Step 6: Lights On!

Step 7:

Step 6: In order for the Lamp to be hanged I glued a small piece of Maquette paper

on the back of the battery. You can see it in the picture above. The picture hook pierces this piece and so it goes on the wall.

This is the nail and the picture hook I used

Step 8:

Your Batman Lamp is ready!! All you need to do

now is hammer the nail into the wall!

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