Introduction: THE EASIEST Diy Lipgloss...

I made this lipgloss based on petroleum jelly! And I'll warn. It's not, like, the best lipgloss. You could definitely find a better recipe... maybe I will post one some day! But what I like about this is that it is so, very, EASY!

Lipgloss is a staple in any tweens collection- however, it's also a must have for teens and adults. And, the best part of lipgloss, (in my opinion) is that it comes in so many colors, flavors, and scents. And so does this one! It also does not have any questionable chemicals, so you can feel safe putting this on your lips. Happy crafting!


You'll need:

A bowl and mixing tool (you can use the back of a small spoon, a toothpick, etc.)

Petroleum jelly

Food coloring, or a dab of liquid lipstick

Food safe essential oil (optional-- I buy mine online (: )

A container for storage (an empty lipgloss container would be ideal! I have an old pill counter that I use for many of my diys-- any small container will work.)

And that's it!

Step 1: Add Petroleum Jelly to the Bowl

It's best to start out with just a little, you might need to add more later.

Step 2: Add Food Coloring, and Mix

I added one drop red, and one pink- I was hoping for a hot pink color, but ended up adding a few more drops of another pink, and a blue, to make a purple color (: you can add whatever colors you want. I also had to add some more petroleum, so I could keep adding more food coloring. I made a bit of a mess! I realized that I should do this over a tarp part way through.

Step 3: Add Food Safe Essential Oil, If Using

I added about two drops. I was going to make a fruit punch scented one, but since it turned out purple, I made it blackberry instead.

Step 4: Add Your Lipgloss to Your Container

Step 5: And Your Done!

I also made a red tinted, pomegranate scented one, which I showed in the introduction- I also plan to make a pink, strawberry one, a peachy, peach one, and maybe my dreams of a hot pink one will come true, as well! Thanks for reading!