TIN CAN Air Heaters! - Survival/SHTF Air Heater/Stove - Simple "cardboard and Wax" Design




Introduction: TIN CAN Air Heaters! - Survival/SHTF Air Heater/Stove - Simple "cardboard and Wax" Design

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in this instructable i'll show you how to make metal can air heater/stove using almost nothing

Step 1: Watch Instructional Video...

Step 2: Read the Description...

Homemade DIY Air Heaters. Easy Step-by-Step Instructions. Made with: metal cans, cardboard and candle wax. great for Survival/SHTF situation or everyday use. hi temps. burns a long time. compact and portable. good for use while camping, hiking, fishing, hunting too. the heaters were made entirely from "trash" (scrap cardboard, wax from old candles, and empty soup/vegetable/tuna cans). can be used as a stove

Step 3: First Gather Materials...

all you need is...

1.) old metal/steel food can (or cans)

2.) scrap pieces of cardboard

3.) candle wax (i used the wax from some old "worn out" candles)

4.) and old saucepan (to melt the wax)

...and only tool needed is a knife or spoon (to dig out the wax from the old candles)

Step 4: The Build...

start by taking strips of cardboard and rolling them up (see pics)

Step 5: Then, Add It to the Can...

place the rolled up cardboard in the can...

Step 6: I Made a Second (taller) One...

Step 7: Now Dig the Wax Out...

if you're candles are the type that are in a glass container, then take a knife or spoon and carefully dig out the wax. i used some old candles that were at the end of their useful life. i put the wax in an empty metal can temporarily (see pics)

Step 8: Next, Melt Down the Wax...

put the wax in a saucepan and heat it (over low heat) until it's melted.

Step 9: Now Add the Melted Wax...

with the cardboard in the can, carefully pour the wax over the cardboard. i spilled some as you can see. then light it up.

Step 10: Here's the Wax for the Second (taller) One...

Step 11: Easy Way to Put Them Out...

to put them out, just cover it. (i use the bottom of a metal pan)

Step 12: Have Fun Making and Using Them!

note: these put off noticeable smoke so they are best used oudoors. remember to take care when using these and don't leave them unattended when lit. note that the entire project is made with things that would normally be considered trash and just thrown away. it's a great way to reuse/recycle

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    2 years ago

    I've made a few in sealed cans for carrying but they tend to burn a bit smokey have you been able to stop this